Jury of the competition features – Aditya Kripalani, Bruno Pavić and Isabelle
Piechaczyk – decided to award the Grand Prix to the film “YAMABUKI” by
Juichiro Yamasaki.
The grainy image of the 16mm film contributes to the imperfections of the
characters, which the audience can relate to more easily. The film is excellently
edited, especially the transitions from scene to scene. Also, the movements of the
camera from left to right are very calm, smooth and soothing. Traces of the
relationship between Japan and Korea are very well done. But what is truly the most
beautiful message of the film is dealing with the hardships of life in a positive way.

We’d like to list 3 movies for Honorable mentions:

“RETURN TO DUST”, by Li Ruijun
The movie is very inspiring – the kind of movie that can give you the courage
to look for what’s really important in life, or to protect it if you have it. It is very well
shot and perfectly framed. It is emotional and the development of the love story is
touching and beautiful. The film reaches the core of life, while reflecting Chinese

“BABYSITTER”, by Monia Chokri
A very good comedy with very clever dialogues and a perception of misogyny.
It can make you wonder, whatever gender you may be. The candy floss and playful
colors of the film are pleasing to the eye, and regardless of aesthetics and tone, the
film gives serious insights into human behavior.

“MY EMPTINESS AND I” by Adrian Silvestre
Intense and beautiful portrait of a journey of a trans woman helping us
understand what she might go through step by step in her movement from one major
gender stage to another.


Jury of the competition shorts – Zulfikar Filandra, Sunčica Fradelić and Tina
Frank – For a subtle, yet tense, immersive and layered experience that allows us to
feel vertigo from a different angle, we are rewarding Ilaria di Carlo’s remarkable
film “SIRENS“ with the Grand Prix award.

Also, for the sheer energy and excitement of “MY NAME IS ANTI“ (Andreas
Vakalios & Fili Olsefski), and the charming intimacy of “THE ZIP OF MY PANTS IS
 (Marie Luise Lehner) we are rewarding two Special

We would like to thank everyone for their participation, in this year’s selection of
The films were truly amazing.

The Ivan Martinac Film Award for Croatian films was given to the short film
AQUALIA” by Vladislav Knežević.