We invite all interested parties to participate as volunteers in the work of the Festival.

As our volunteers, you can help us with your ideas and work without pay in the various departments of the Festival, and in return we can offer you a good time, gain new experience and insight into the world of film and the latest film production processes.


Brief Biography and the motivation for the application can be sent to the mail address or fill this applications form.

    Name and surname


    Phone number


    Occupation (if employed)

    Experience working at a (film) festival (if yes, please specify the service/jobs)

    Foreign languages (approximate knowledge level 1-5)

    Computer use (approximate knowledge level 1-5)

    Driving license B category


    Festival service or services where you would like to volunteer

    Hospitality (jobs related to festival guests)Press and program presentation, social networksTechnical service (copy reception, film screenings)jobs related to organization

    Are you able to volunteer before the festival week?


    How did you find out about the workshop?

    festival website
    festival facebook
    newspaper (which one?)
    web portal (which one?)
    radio (which one?)
    friend recommendation

    I have already volunteered at STFF