Screening time and location:
Kino Karaman, 16.10.2023. - 18:45

Hongxiang Zhou


China, 2023, 80 min

Desire is not describing a story, it is a concept. 
It is a movie without any story. It is an image of concept with human desire as its symbol. It uses metaphor and symbolization to display human beings’ greedy and indescribable desire through continuous imbroglio between spirit and material. 
The utmost importance is to explore the new power of movie (Image) languages.

Hongxiang Zhou
Most of his early video works are good at using metaphor, parody, juxtaposition and other means, fragments and collages of political and historical symbols, and epic lines and stage performances show his ambition to blur the boundaries between experimental drama, poetry and video art. 
He won international awards: Transmediale.04 Image Award of the Berlin International Media Art Festival, the third prize of the 7th Punto y Raya Abstract Art Festival of the Austrian Film Museum, the visual art award of the 16th Toscana International Image Festival in Italy, the Silver Maple Award of the “Second Maple Leaf Award” International Ink and Ink Grand Prix in Toronto, Canada. 
Being one of young selected in TIME Magazine U.S. ‘China’s Young People’ special issue.