Screening time and location:
Beton Kino, 18.10.2023. - 18:30

Mingyong Cheng


China, 2022, 6:16

An animation co-created by AI and us. This animation is inspired by the story of a famous Chinese landscape painting Thousands Li of Rivers and Mountains, in which the artist adopted the lasting mineral pigment that created a striking blue-and-green landscape painting that unfaded for thousands of years. By viewing the historical transition from nature landscape to modern “concrete jungle” and the continuing impact of climate change, we collaborated with AI to create a journey based on a fusion of our concerns and AI memory.

Mingyong Cheng (Beijing, China), currently based in California, US, is a computational and interdisciplinary artist who explores the intersection between new media art, science, and culture. At the University of California, San Diego, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Art Practice with a Specialization in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research at the Visual Arts Department and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Her research and creations explore the fusion of new media technology and traditional Chinese art, as well as environmental issues. Mingyong earned her MFA degree in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University, where she expanded her artistic approach from documentary film to a more experimental approach incorporating new media technology including AI-generated art, AR experiences, 3D virtual experiences, and interactive installations.