The Special Festival Award

The Special Festival Award for the outstanding contribution to the artistic development
of the moving image 2023 goes to the media artist Dalibor Martinis

Selected screening:

Otvoreni kolut (Open Reel), 3’05, 1976, prod. by Galleria del Cavallino, video, b/w

Priručnik (Manual), 1’20,1978, prod. by Galleria del Cavallino, video, b/w

  1. Martinis razgovara s D. Martinisom (D.M. Talks to D.M.) 1978/2010, 13’26 min, prod. by Western Front

U ime naroda (We The People), 17’50, 2013, prod. by Omnimedia, digital video from film, b/w

Odessa/Stairs/1925/2014, 6’30, 2014, prod. by Omnimedia, digital video from film, b/w

Nta kinematička tvornica čavala (N-th Cinematic Nail Factory), 6’57, 2021, prod. by Omnimedia, video b/w


Dalibor Martinis

Born in Zagreb in 1947. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb; Dalibor Martinis is conceptual and media artist. He has been exhibiting since 1969, and since 1973 works as a video artist.

His early video works, especially “Open Reel”, are known for questioning temporality of video images and testing the limits of the medium. Through all of his career the time and its nonlinearity has a central place in his media and performance work. The key works are grouped in the series titled “Data Recovery”. The best example is his transtemporal media piece “Dalibor Martinis/1978 Talks to Dalibor Martinis/2010”, made in the time span of 32 years.


He has had numerous personal shows, performances, and video screenings, and has participated in many international exhibitions (Biennales: Sao Paolo, Venice, Kwang-Ju, Thessaloniki, Cetinje, Cairo, Ljubljana; Documenta/Kassel, etc.). His films and video works have been shown at video festivals in: Berlin, Tokyo, Montreal and Locarno, and at international film festivals in Trieste, Oberhausen, Seattle, Vienna, Nice, Bogota, Tokyo, Instanbul etc. He has had grants from the Canada Council (1978) Jaica (Japan 1984), and ArtsLink (USA, 1994, and 2010).


He was guest professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art/Zagreb in 1987/91, and at Ontario College of Art/Toronto in 1991/2 and was a full professor at the Academy of Applied Arts of Rijeka University, 2007-2012.

He has won several international prizes and awards (Tokyo Video Festival 1984; Locarno 1984; Alpe Adria Film Festival/Trieste 1996; Bogota Short Film Festival 2014) and in Croatia (the Josip Racic Award for 1995; the City of Zagreb Award for 1998; the HDLU Annual Award for 2009; HT Award for 2013, Vladimir Nazor award 2018.)

His works are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art/Zagreb, the Museum of Modern Art/New York, Stedelijk Museum/Amsterdam, ZKM Karlsruhe, New York Public Library, Kontakt/Erste Bank, Vienna etc. Dalibor Martinis lives in Zagreb.


The Special festival award has been given so far to: Carlos Reygadas, Albert Serra, Peter Kubelka, Pedro Costa, Miklós Jancsó, Sally Potter, Michelangelo Frammartino, Harun Farocki, Bela Tarr, Claire Denis, Lars von Trier, Stan Brakhage (posthumously), Jean-Marie Straub & Daniele Huillet, Jonas Mekas, Chris Marker. The Awards has been given to two Croatian filmmakers,  Ivan Martinac i Tomislav Gotovac